Opportunities Unlimited, Inc.

Opportunities Unlimited is a State Use/Ability Idaho agency. Services provided by Opportunities Unlimited include:

  • Assembly

  • Packaging

  • Sealing

  • Labeling

  • Stuffing Envelopes

  • Woodworking Projects

  • Janitorial

  • More options upon request

Opportunities Unlimited

Opportunities Unlimited, Inc., OUI, is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to providing community living and vocational service to people with disabilities. Our  work is done both in the community and in a sheltered setting, which enables each person the chance to make an honest living, learn lifelong skills and thrive in our community.


Our goal is, “Built-In Quality”, that is, prevention of defects at the building stage which will eliminate the inspecting time and will ensure quality goods and services at a great price for our customers.

Beth, OUI Participant

B.F. – OUI Participant

We specialize in work evaluations, career explorations, training people for work, helping people adjust to work and helping people find work in the community. Expected outcomes will be gainful employment and more choices for jobs in the community in which participants live.